Foot Traffic Verifies NFL Viewership Decline

Super Bowl 51 TV viewership was the lowest in three years as 111.3 million football fans tuned in to watch the big game — a 0.5% decrease from the 111.9 million who watched Super Bowl 50 in 2016, according to Nielsen. Data from NinthDecimal reveals the whereabouts of consumers before, during and after the game compared to Super Bowl 50 in 2017 — providing some insight into the overall viewership decline in professional football viewership:

  • Bars and pubs saw just a 12% bump in foot traffic during Super Bowl 51, down from a 35% increase in foot traffic for Super Bowl 50 suggesting that fewer people went to their local watering hole to watch the big game.
  • Grocery store visits during Super Bowl 51 were up only 5% compared to a 32% rise in 2016, possibly indicating that a fewer amount of people hosted Super Bowl parties this year.
  • In 2016, hair salons saw 70% fewer visitors on Super Bowl Sunday than the previous week, while this year there was a 70% increase in visitors to hair salons and 33 % increase in visits to spas, signifying that a large number of consumers decided to skip the game for a new hairdo and some pampering.

To learn more about where people were on Super Bowl Sunday this year, click here to access the full version of the NinthDecimal 2017 Super Bowl Infographic.

NinthDecimal revealed the whereabouts of consumers on before, during and after the big game compared to the Sunday prior